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Dr. Ellis D. Traills
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when Old Biff gives Young Biff the sports almanac, boom, he changes the fucking future. However, when Old Biff gets back into the DeLorean, he returns to the same 2015 he left. He goes back to *his* present. Why? Why didn't he arrive in a fucked up future created in his own image? The 2015 that corresponds to the 1985 that Marty finds when he tries to go back? Even forgoing the most current, widely-accepted theories of temporal physics & looking simply at the pseudo-scientific time travelling principles introduced in the first movie, we have to assume that any effects of tampering with the space-time continuum would be visited on the present/future reality, INSTANTANEOUSLY! this has always bothered me.

mr blue sky fights mr grey
all feints & dancing.
the air is still
& heavy with the sound of distant thunder
rolling home.
the cows have taken shelter
& the ravens taken flight,
the farmyard hums with silence & anticipation.
in an instant it is dark as night &
the summer storm slams the earth,
wet & hot & violent but
just what the world needs.
because the land is thirsty.
and a little lightning is exciting.

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livejournal, i forgot you existed. calgon, take me away, etc.

LSD is like the Living Theme Park,
the Rollercoaster of Human Experience.
it takes Human Life & encapsulates it,
condenses it, CONCENTRATES it.
like Life
it is at once terrifying, overwhelming, paralyzing, stupefying, immaculate, irradiated, wondrous, Divine, excruciating.
but most of all Impossible.
it's the ride we all ride, only @ the speed of thought plus.
a lifetime of insight, terror, heartache & bliss,
all in one bite-sized package,
delivered in lightning flashes that freeze, illuminate,
& then scatter like pollen in the wind.
this is consumable Experience, thus far
inexpertly marketed.

perhaps the moon is an egg
& inside is the smoldering embryo
of the terrible bird of cosmic fire
that will scorch the Earth to ash
& purify creation.

& WO, but fortunate are we
to bear witness to this
cleansing inferno.
blessed are we who are
ravaged in its deadly flames
only to awaken,
sins scabbed over,
in the arms of eternity's embrace.

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winter has hit the Bay Area. the first 20 minutes of the news tonight were weather stories: snow in the hills! ye gods! i counted 3 stories that had at least one reference to hooky playing due to the novelty. and one reference to the movie Fargo. you'd think these places never saw snow. granted, we've had EXTREMELY cold weather for this area, and there HAS been snow at elevations that rarely get accumulation. but still, it's been minimal. i knew it was cold because i didn't wear shorts. a few winters ago, i worked in the City & laughed daily at the swarms of my fellow BART riders who would be decked out in huge parkas & scarves & big woolly mittens for temperatures in the mid-50s. but today? i was WISHING i had woolly fucking mittens. because it was cold. not Wing Bowl cold, but cold nonetheless.

(PS - the best story on the news by far today was about a ridiculously brazen B&E at the Martinez PD parking lot: someone cut a hole in the chain link fence, broke into a patrol car, & stole a rifle & several hundred rounds of ammunition. that was pretty much the greatest thing i ever heard.)

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"the sun is chirping, the birds are shining. the water's...wet. life is good, sweetheart. life is good..."

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having now listened to Chinese Democracy several times over the last few days, i can officially say: it isn't very good. there are a couple decent songs & quite a few excellent guitar solos. i can find a little something to like in almost every song, but overall, i'm not in love with it. that review applies to all the tracks but one, i think. that one would be the penultimate number, "This I Love." this, i hate. i'm fairly sure this is Axl angling to portray the Phantom on Broadway. it's like Andrew Lloyd Webber had a 100mph head-on car wreck with Styx. it's like a shitty outtake from a Meat Loaf record that was written by Jonathan Larson. as Brad "Iceman" Colbert would say, "that song is straight up homosexual, country music, Special Olympics gay." my point in all this being, the best part of the album may be the free Dr Pepper. and i don't even like Dr Pepper.

in other news, i recently saw Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. i went into it expecting to HATE it & instead i motherfucking despised it to the maximum degree allowable by law. it had absolutely no soul. i think i might have hated it even more than i hated the new Transformers movie, which was literally one of the worst things i have ever seen in my life. so yeah, i recommend not seeing that, ever.

on the other end of the chain, i saw TAARGÜS TAARGÜS at the Hemlock on sunday night. great little venue (kinda like an even tinier North Star Bar), sweet fucking show. ryan & i got there i guess around 10ish, just in time to see Hurts to Laugh. their drummer/singer (known forever more as the Ironman [after the Ironman shot: snort a line of salt, drink a shot of tequila, squirt lime juice into eye]) was a maniac. TAARGÜS TAARGÜS went on last & i thought they killed (despite some minor technical difficulties). i really dug adam's crazy distorted guitar stuff, that was my favorite part, but the whole thing was pretty awesome. and you probably know my thoughts on indie rock (i hate it), so their overcoming the pre-existing condition of my prejudice made it all the more impressive. good on ya, gents. see you next month at the El Rio.

i also recently watched The Assassination of Jesse James By the Coward Robert Ford. that was a very cool movie. i loved the pace of it, it was perfect. there were some very good actors in very small parts, which i thought was a bit weird. and then there was james carville, which i thought was really weird. all in all, excellent movie. not exactly a raucous good time, but a great flick to watch in the post-midnight stillness. it kind of unfurls. it's hard to describe. obviously.

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it is morning in America. i can tell because i have a hangover.

it is 9.30 in the morning. i have been up for 2 hours already. but the excitement is all over now, remnants of the past few days' madness are dissolving from memory like so much alka-seltzer (not terribly poetic, but i have heartburn). kathleen & jason have been lawfully wedded, by yours truly, in a wonderful, intimate little ceremony amidst the vineyards of rustic livermore. this morning i dropped curtis & the baker boys at the oakland airport, & jeebes is shipping our rented kilts back to arizona. normalcy descends, albeit slowly. i wish i had another day off to recover from all of this. but i do not, so it's back to bed for a quick catnap. we are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep...

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